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The Mend Yourself Well Podcast: Self-Care Practices for the Body | Mind | Soul

Jun 15, 2018

I had a wake up call from the Universe! Since contracting Epstein- Barr Virus as a child, I’ve had to deal with a weakened immune system. I was always sick until I found chiropractic care at age 17 and started learning about wellness.

Recently I’ve been taking on a lot of projects at home, at work and in life! I’ve been demanding a lot from my body, my mind and my well-being. Since Mend Yourself Well is no longer just a passion project, I’ve decided to bring the movement into my chiropractic office. Within 24 hours after announcing that I would be increasing my office hours I started to feel stressed!

As a doctor, I felt like I could never have anything wrong with me. I didn’t want to seem weak or vulnerable until I realized it only makes me human! Because of Epstein-Barr Virus I have to mend myself well every single day. Mending Yourself Well is more than just taking your supplements or getting a massage. Mending Yourself Well is about self-discovery and self-determination! It’s about loving yourself and taking the best care of yourself that you can! You have to be willing to make healthy choices, to say “no” to things that are burning you out, “goodbye” to the things that are stressing you out, “yes” to the things you actually want and “yes” to the life you want to live. I had to mend myself well so that I could fully express my life and fully become the best version of myself that I can and now I’m a living example of what that looks like!

I want you to join me on this journey so stay tuned for future episodes where I will be sharing more ways to Mend Yourself Well! I hope that through this podcast episode and through future podcast episodes you can learn to incorporate healthy choices into your daily life!

I’ve put together a PDF for you to make easy, healthy lifestyle choices. All those resources are free to you HERE 

Be WHOLE and WELL my friend,

Dr. Jenna