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The Mend Yourself Well Podcast: Self-Care Practices for the Body | Mind | Soul

Mar 20, 2018

For today’s episode, I invited my friend Holly Mutlu to give us some insight on finding hope and healing in the midst of anxiety and depression. Holly is a Life Coach and an Emotional Wellness expert. She also is a mom to 4 boys and has recently gained a daughter-in-law!  Whilst working for over 25 years in varying areas of ministry, Holly found her calling to help other women overcome their challenges and learn how to live life to the fullest.


With amazing courage, Holly shares 2 stories, the first being story of overcoming a stillbirth and the obstacles that she faced afterward. As a women in Leadership in her local church, she found it difficult to seek out help. Like many people in a position of leadership, they often face the question, “I’m supposed to be one helping people, who can help me?”. After seeking help from a counselor, Holly took this question and made it her mission to help women who feel the same as she once did.


With the second personal story, the passing for her father-in-law, Holly explains how in this second encounter with death, she made a different decision to not let death win. At her father-in-law’s bedside, she could not help but think how this man had lived his life to the fullest. Taking this insight, she now teaches others how to not get caught up in being comfortable but how to be empowered to be bold and achieve whatever goal they have in mind.


Holly explains how we should not let emotions control our decisions. Instead, we should use those emotions as a gage to know that there may be a deeper, underlying problem. The key for overcoming emotional struggles is to look within and determine where the problem is and decide to make a change.


Chime in to listen and learn how controlling your emotions is one important piece of mending yourself well, one day at a time!

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A mom of four boys (and recently a daughter in law) Holly enjoys spending time with her family and her husband of almost 20 years. As a women who struggled with anxiety after giving birth to a stillborn daughter, Holly has made it her mission to help women find hope and healing in the midst of anxiety and depression. Holly has served in different capacities of ministry for the 25 years and has found her passion as she’s worked with hundreds of women to help them overcome challenges and start living their lives to the fullest. When she’s not coaching, speaking or hanging out with her family you can find her at the local coffee shop with a girlfriend!
Find her on Instagram:  @hollymutlu
Find her on FB:  Holly Mutlu- Fresh Fearless & Free