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The Mend Yourself Well Podcast: Self-Care Practices for the Body | Mind | Soul

Jan 30, 2018

One of the reasons I love hosting a podcast is that with the help of technology, I could literally record an episode at any moment. My favorite moments to record these episodes are when I get a dose of inspiration.


Well let me tell you, I’ve been having an inspiring month! And I share all the juicy details with you as I record this episode from the showroom floor of my local Infiniti dealership as I sit in the brand new model of my dream car, which I actually purchased an older model this time last year.


I share the 3 things you can start doing TODAY that will help you start attracting anything in your life, whether it’s material things you want (which I can tell you these don’t do much to help us permanently mend ourselves well … speaking from experience), or if its better relationships, better health, more peace in your job, more peace in where you are in life, or whatever it is, I believe these 3 tips can help anyone!


Listen in from the driver's seat as I share these super simple strategies you can start implementing today!


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Go get those dreams,


Dr. Jenna