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The Mend Yourself Well Podcast: Self-Care Practices for the Body | Mind | Soul

Jan 29, 2018

Meditation never came easy for me. I’ve heard for decades that meditation can be life changing. I had tried several times to actually sit and meditate. But I didn’t know exactly how to dive into this discipline. NOw, after one month of committing to this practice, I find this practice calling for me.


It all started about a month ago in December of 2017 when I interviewed one of my first guests for the show, Dr. Vic Manzo. I asked him what was one thing his wellness regimen couldn’t live without. He explained how meditation has been part of his morning routine for over a decade and how when he doesn’t mediate, he doesn’t show up as his best self.


So after decades of signs and nudges, I took this as my final wake-up call. And with New Year’s only days away from our interview, I made the commitment to incorporate meditation into my routine.


I cleared a space in my closet. I set-up my pillows. Downloaded an APP on my phone for background noise, and I got into a place I could rest my body and my mind for a few minutes a day. I started with 15 minutes and quickly found myself asking for 30. “No, just a little bit longer.”


In 30 days, I found myself finding time to meditate at least 20 of those days. And each day, I look forward to it more and more. The insights I’ve gained, the clarity & the peace I’ve attracted, I know will only continue to deepen as I continue to allow myself to dive into this practice.


In this episode I share a few tips with you to begin your practice of mediation. I can honestly say, you’ll be really glad you did. I know I am!


I look forward to sharing my progress with you and keeping you informed in how meditation is helping me Mend Myself Well!


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Until next time,


Dr. Jenna